From Hanger Lane to Angry Lane

With the love of motorcycles since an early age, French brothers Ben and G decided in 2012 to build their own custom motorcycles launching Angry Lane. They were looking for a cool name when Ben mentioned the legend of record-racing in the UK, when motorcycles riders were "dropping the coin right into the slot" of a jukebox before heading full speed to Hanger Lane in London and coming back before the record finished. Bloody froggy accent, it made it sounds like Angry Lane.

Thanks to a solid background in designing and manufacturing apparel as well as accessories, from Japanese denim jeans to MotoGP leather suits and jackets, they naturally started to make their own products, by pure selfish need, before offering them to others. They value products that are made to last, with quality fabrics, clean and timeless designs. Angry Lane is the first lifestyle brand of its kind in this part of the world and one of the hippest workshops, hangouts and retails space around.

G and Ben Barras, Angry Lane Co-Founders



Parisian natives, their mother was working for the famous fashion house Courrèges back in the 70’s. At the age of 12yo, while asking on shortening his first pair of Levi's, Ben received the home sewing machine's manual for only help and a few advice. It was the beginning of a lot of experimentations on the brothers own clothing, from patching their worn out denim jeans to hand-sewn embroideries on bags or military surplus jackets bought in Les Puces de Saint-Ouen.

Their father was more of a self-taught technician and mechanic, repairing electronic appliances to finance his firsts mopeds, he has been working in quality control and 3 dimensions measuring instruments his entire career. The family garage was full of tools of all sorts and electronic components to repair and give a second breath to all sorts of things, no wastage on what can be saved! That included repairing cars and motorcycles and it quickly became a natural activity during weekends.

The beginnings

Motorcycling started by chance, at the age of 6yo and 9yo, when their dad bought a 1982 Yamaha PW50 from the village fairground. It was out of order and he knew he could bring it back to life and would be quite fun for us to play with. From that time, with a forest as a backyard, it was motocross session after school, under the sun or while raining, even on the snow in winter.

Customizing motorcycles took over around the mid-2000’s when Guillaume bought his Harley Davidson Sportster now named “The Bankster”. He is still riding it and thinking of more transformations. Ben bought a 1973 Triumph Daytona 500cc which took almost a year in parts research and modifications. It was the first bike project to make it to some blogs around the world. People started asking them to help to get parts and advises to customize their own bikes and soon a first customer asked if they could make a complete one. It was on.

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